I Solve Problems and build Web Apps

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Open Source

I’m not very active open source contributor but I give back when I have something. Over years I’ve contributed to such Open Source projects as Servo, GNOME, DataMapper, dm-is-slug, nanoc, Undress, Paperclip, CarrierWave and a number of others. I’m a part of the Prawn Maintenance Team. You can see some of my current open source projects on my GitHub profile.

Also I did a number of commercial projects.


Peanut logo

Peanut is a safe space for women to meet and find support.

I was a part of the Backend Team. I worked on the API that iOS, Android and Web clients consume. Peanut payed extra attention to performance and scalability.

Scribd Inc.

Scribd Inc. logo

Scribd provides monthly access to books, audiobooks, news, magazines, and documents.

I was a part of the Internal Tools Team. I assesed, planned, and executed replacement of a few legacy systems with modern equivalents better suited for cloud deployment targets.

Code Climate Inc.

Code Climate Inc. logo

Code Climate provides world leading code quality analysis solutions.

I worked on different parts of the product mostly focusing on analysis engines maintenance and CLI tools. Most of the work is Open Source but I also worked on some internal tools and proprietary parts of the product.


DVELP Ltd logo

DVELP is a London-based web development shop. They have quite a few clients small and big with a broad range of requirements.

I worked mostly on back-end. I did business analysis, requirements assessment and come up with solutions. Architecture and implementation of business logic were among my responsibilities. I sometimes did front-end work as well.

Smart Pension Ltd

Smart Pension Ltd logo

The company helps businesses easily comply with government regulations on employee pension enrollment. The process is complex and riddled with many nuanced requirements.

I focused on the development of the main product. It involved both back-end and front-end development. Back end is a set of intertwined microservices and APIs.


Leadformance logo

The main product of the company is called Bridge. It’s a service that lets bring easily hundreds of brick and mortar stores online letting customers easily find the closest one and all the essential information about it.

My focus was back-end development and maintenance of legacy code. I greatly contributed towards code quality, stability, and performance improvements. I refactored a few parts of the application to massively improve UX.

Conjune LLC

Conjune LLC logo

Stealth mode start up.


Re-Mondes/Groupees logo

Groupees is a digital content store. It specializes in flash sales of bundles of games and music. Almost all sales have a cut for charities. Most sales are Pay What You Want. It’s a Rails application with a strict requirements on stability and performance under high load. Application can handle high loads using relatively little resources.

This application have been extracted from Yawma. In the process of extraction app undergone a massive refactoring. After that many new features have been added. A few new payment options, BitTorrent file distribution and advanced caching on the view and model levels. Many tasks have been moved into background. For example, music previews generation and album packaging do not block request cycle. Over two years app undergone two major UI redesigns.


Re-Mondes/Yawma logo

Yawma is a digital content store. Its content was mainly composed of indie music and games but from time to time pretty big names in music industry did limited time sales there too. The app was community orientated. Besides the store itself there was rather active forums section.

The project is discontinued.


DataXu logo

DataXu is a real-time advertising analytics company. They have very powerful technologies under the hood. I worked on the client facing front end part.

I worked on inherited Merb app. Mainly maintenance but implemented a few small new features. Later it was reimplemented on Rails. Application was sort of a dashboard. Its purpose was to present aggregated data in a nice way. I constructed massive SQL queries and implemented reach client side data presentation. The data also could be be exported in CSV, XLS and PDF.


Vestify logo

Vestify is a crowd funding project. It was done with Ruby on Rails and some JavaScript. It had many of the features of social networks like following, activity feeds and messaging. Besides that it had rather complex crowd funding functionality. The whole set of features have been developed to the production polish in the course of just four months.

Unfortunately, this project haven’t been launched into production for non-technical reasons.

We Do Creative

We Do Creative logo

WDC was a UK based web shop. I did there some PHP work for clients as well as some Rails.


Unwrapp logo

Unwrapp was an app directory with some pretty interesting social elements. It was reviewed on TechCrunch and GigaOm when it was in private beta.

App featured many social aspects such as following and activity feeds.

Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the public release. I hope it will be resurrected some day.


rPath Linux is a pretty neat distro. They have really advanced package manager and image build system. I worked on tests automatization and quality assurance. Rake and Ruby was used for that.


Railsware logo

Railsware is a web shop specialized in Ruby on Rails. I worked on AudioSouk, be an audio guide marketplace for travelers. Core features were upload, optimization, and presentation of audio files for customers to choose and buy.

Unfortunately it didn’t make it to a public release.


Firejuice logo

Firejuice was a pretty big development company. They did mostly web development with a variety on technologies such as PHP, Java, and .NET. I was working on PHP projects. I took my part in development of their CMS/site boilerplate. Also among others I was working on projects for such clients as Healix, Mitsubishi Motors Ukraine, Illuminator Film Service, and Golden Gate Pub.


ITMarketing logo

ITMarketing is a web shop. They mostly do client work. But they have a bunch of nice tools for internal use. I worked on a SEO tool. It was a Firefox extension. So I’ve been working with some really powerful technologies such as XPCOM, XUL, and some hardcore JS on top of that and PHP on the back end.

Della Trans

Della Trans logo

Della is a leading Ukrainian logistics company. I worked on a few projects devoted to increase personnel productivity, decrease costs of running business, and improve workflow in general. These projects were based on a variety of technologies such as Delphi, PHP, MySQL, and Linux.

Among many interesting projects was MySQL database replication. At that time MySQL didn’t support replication out of the box. I developed custom MySQL driver and protocol to replicate DB between about 100 machines in real time.

Mac OS X
User Interface Design
Web Design
Ruby on Rails
UNIX Shell Scripting (bash)
Mozilla Platform (XUL/XBL/XPCOM)